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Introducing Lustro

Blockchain Powered Surveys

Lustro is a decentralized survey application built on Ethereum that is launching in 2018. Lustro allows survey respondents to earn Ether and other ERC20 tokens by completing surveys. By utilizing Ethereum's smart contract technology, Lustro enables efficient and transparent payouts to survey respondents and enables survey creators alone to have access to survey data.

Lustro Features

By using Lustro as your survey platform, you'll get the following

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Own Your Survey Data

All survey data is encrypted and stored in IPFS using the key of the survey creator. You can configure your survey so that Lustro will never see any of the survey responses, ensuring you have full control of your own data.

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Cheaper Paid Surveys

Because we pay survey respondents directly with Ether, it will cost you less per respondent to create paid surveys than with traditional centralized survey solutions.

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Transparency & Security

Due to the transparent and immutable features of the public Ethereum blockchain, as a survey creator you can be confident you will get exactly what you have paid for. The smart contract powering the survey is public and available for all to see.

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Payment in ERC20 tokens

For any paid survey, you can offer your survey respondents payment in Ether or any other ERC20 token. We will allow survey creators to pay Lustro for its services in either Ether or Fiat.

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